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Lanyards are a product most people don't think about much

by:Krell     2020-07-27

Lanyards are increasingly common in workplaces, on campus, at public events. They offer a great opportunity for businesses and other organizations to put their name or logo on something seen by a lot of people every day.

As long as people are wearing lanyards in the workplace, why not customize them with the organization's logo or custom text? Customers will see it, a subtle way of reinforcing your brand.

Different lanyard types are available, depending on the complexity of the desired message and budget considerations.

Woven lanyards made of high quality polyester, feature text and logos woven into the lanyard material, a process similar to embroidery. This type of lanyard has a fine quality appearance, and is ideal for uncomplicated logos and messages. Intricate designs, however, will not be legible.

Nylon lanyards are ideal for high visibility. With the highest brilliance and smoothest finish of any lanyard type, they excel with the clearest printed detail for the most intricate designs.

Polyester lanyards are a great value, the best compromise between cost and performance. These lanyards allow for a highly detailed silk screened image for logos and text.

Camouflage-pattern lanyards, when printed in colors other than the standard desert or green, can make a bold statement that makes any message stand out. Hot pink camo is hard to forget.

Custom lanyards offer a great way to cost-effectively market an organization, belief or cause. Look around, and you'll find opportunity waits.

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