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Lanyards are a standard part of many workplaces today

by:Krell     2020-07-26

For example, a well-designed lanyard can offer a fun message, something with a company 'inside joke,' pun, inspirational saying or clever wordplay to help inspire employees. It's a simple concept, to be sure, but one that can work surprisingly well.

Even the basic, blank lanyard with no message can be a boon to creativity. If you encourage your employees to decorate their own lanyards (within the bounds of workplace decorum, of course), their efforts can unlock their creative spirit in ways that will carry over positively into their jobs.

The rewards of unleashing employees' creativity can be vast. The more opportunities people have to be creative in their work, the more positive they tend to be about their jobs. Beyond that, they can channel their renewed energy into their regular job tasks, perhaps inspiring them to new heights of performance. That's quite an inspiration from something a simple as a lanyard.

If you require a standard printed lanyard, involve your employees in its design. If you don't have a company logo yet, maybe it's time to create one. Once again, involved employees tend to be happier, more loyal employees. The chance to create a custom design for the company lanyards could be just the thing to get your staff motivated and improve workplace morale. Let your staff demonstrate how innovative and original they can be with a custom lanyard design.

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