Manicure - Hand and nail care is very important

by:Krell     2020-08-01

The art of nail manicure is very old, it date backs to 18th century France where the fashion capital of world, Paris; introduced the art of manicure and pedicure to take care of their hands and feet and since then men and women alike love to take care of their hands and feet and manicure has evolved over the years from being a traditional art to a technically user friendly kit to do at home. Natural nails, and artificial gel nails can all be cleaned decorated and taken care of at home with the aid of these modern manicure kits. These kits are simple and easy to use here are directions that could help you keep your nails beautiful.

You do not need splurge over expensive salon therapies for beautiful nails you can do it all at home, all you need is a tub of warm water to dip your hands into, a nail clipper, nail file, an orange stick, a nail buffer, good quality lotion for hand massage, gel nails, if you wish to have and nail polish to decorate your nails.

The first most things is to wash your hands properly with a mild soap that you regularly use at home, wash them properly, remove any dirt, scrub them properly underneath the nails.

Gel Nails in every shape, form or color

Then in a tub or a large bowl take some warm water and dip your hands into it for some time approximately 10 minutes, you can also add a mild shampoo to this water, this help you soften your nails and the cuticles and also serves to open your pores that will help you when you moisturize your hands because now the moisturizer will be absorbed better.

Then cut your nails in a proper shape, depending upon the one that would suit your hand, for instance if your cuticle are curved go for curved nail and not square nails, after you have clipped your nails, use a nail file to file your fingernails and give the shape a final finishing and to gently buff them.

Then use the orange stick to push back the cuticles of each nail until the cuticle moves back against each finger's skin, lastly its time to moisturize your hands and nail with the help of a high quality hand lotion, it can be the one provided in you nail manicure kit or some other as per your preference, finally apply gel nails and then polish them with a bright colored nail paint.

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