Military/Tactical Style Backpack

by:Krell     2020-07-22

The Kelty 128 Eagle is a big and burly pack that combines heavy hauling capabilities, many options for organization and has maximum access for all tear round performance. The Eagle 128 can be set up to your needs based on the situation and conditions you might encounter.


The Eagle 128 has a large and cavernous 7850 cubic inches of space inside of this pack. You can put your hands on your gear in moments with a top loading entry and front panel access points that make getting into the pack a breeze. There is a zippered divider that is between the main compartment and the sleeping bag compartment. This allows for separation of dry and wet gear and gives you more organizational control. If you need to haul larger items or need access between the two compartments just unzip the divider that converts the two compartments into a single compartment. The Eagle also has two large and removable side pockets and there is a zippered internal mesh wall that will keep gear from falling out when you open the zippered front panel.

Suspension System

The Kelty Eagle has an adjustable suspension system that works well with torsos in the 16' - 22' in length. The 128 has two aluminum stays working in tandem with a spacer mesh back panel and an HDPE frame sheet which creates comfort, strength and stability when it is on your back. The waist belt is a padded, two layer design with quick release shoulder straps. There are also load lifter straps with an adjustable sternum strap that enhances how the Eagle fits to you. Kelty uses a patented method to tighten the waist belt called the Scherer Cinch that uses a pulley system that doubles the force when tightening the waist belt which helps to keep a lot more of the weight on your hips. Add to this side compression straps with an integrated spindrift collar to give you adjustability for varying loads and you have a very sophisticated suspension system.

The Eagle 128 has zippered access via a top hood lid to internal pockets. This lid can be removed and changed into shoulder strap pack organizer or into a lumbar pack. A secondary low profile hood is revealed when the top lid is removed which protects the interior of the 128 from the outside elements. There is also a sand/rain pack cover that is included which adds further protection. There are two exit ports that facilitate a hydration system that comes with reservoir sleeves to make this pack hydration compatible.

This pack features 500 denier and 100 denier Nylon Kodra body fabric in the construction of this backpack. This pack is also compatible for use with the Kelty satellite radio holder which is sold separately.

The dimensions of this pack are 44' x 29' x 17.5' (112cm x 74cm x 44cm). The volume is 7,850 cu. inches or 128L. If you are using the low profile hood and no side pockets, the volume is 6,285 cu. inches or 103L. The complete pack weight is 11 lbs 2oz or 5kg. Using the low profile hood the weight is 9 lbs 4oz or 4kg.


If you are looking for a military style pack that has it all and don't mind the price then this is the pack for you. The capabilities of this pack will probably be beyond what most people would need but if you are one of those who hike or travel on extended outings then you will like this pack.

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