Mini speaker T620 silver with LED light for SD

by:Krell     2020-07-18

The main features including physical and internal features and the size of the mini speaker MP# PC phone 7*7*7.5 cm. It is in silver color and its shell material is made up of High density ABS. There are some other internal features that make it look apart from same ranges of other phones. It has a built in blue LED lamp flashing with the music rhythm. You also get a card reader and that helps you to play MP3, WMA formats music in SD/MMC card or U Disk. This makes the music more audible and you feel great with such technique in your PC phone. It also have the facility of connecting to MP4, iPod, PC, Mobile phone etc. you can choose so many EQ system as it supports many of them. This device works on built in rechargeable Li-on battery that can be easily connected to PC via USB or DC. This can give you power for at least 2 to four hours, which is its run time. From 150 Hz to 18 Hz. It has the power of 2W*2 with SNR>80 db. You have lot many control here like volume control, previous, next play /pause etc.

This mini speaker T-620 Silver with LED light comes with a package that includes 1 speaker, 1 USB cable, 1*3.5 mm cable, and an adapter. Now, how do this work and all other details could be collected from the user manual. It does not have such a high price as compared to so many features it has to give you. Hence, this is complete quality device with great thing. The user manual guide has all the details of its working and how to switch it on with all little details can be easily got from instruction manual. Many of the customers have bought this product and have taken advantage of this. You can search so many music tracks from computer and then download it to your phone. It has great audio voice and you will surely love to work with it. It helps you with easy download and music listening.

When you buy a Mini Speaker T-620 Silver with LED Light for SD U-disk MP3 PC Phone it is 100 % brand new with silver color. It can be easily carried and you can afford it as it is not so expensive.

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