Most men express their personalities through their

by:Krell     2020-08-05

Cufflinks are not a modern fad they gained in popularity in the seventeenth century, when men tired of using ties and ribbons to secure the cuffs of their shirts. The first cufflinks were gold or silver lengths of chain attached to metal buttons that looped through the cuffs. After its initial popularity due to its simple practicality, the cufflink became the well-dressed man's clothing staple. Cufflinks were soon a necessary part of every formal menswear ensemble, from the double-breasted suit to the classic black tuxedo. The same is true today.

Though men's shirts are now produced with buttons at the cuff, and one might think that cufflinks have become a relic of the past; men around the world are drawn to the classic cufflink as its attention to detail is appreciated both in the business environment, and in romantic restaurants and bars. Whether it is simple nostalgia for a time gone by, or the fact that some great fashion trends will always endure, cufflinks continue to be a menswear accessory that speaks volumes of the men who wear them.

Cufflinks are used as a discreet way of adding style to corporate and formal attire. Cufflinks are no longer just a simple gold chain and button; they vary infinitely in their style and materials. Onyx, platinum, mother-of pearl and silk are just a few of the endless varieties of cufflinks to be found on the market today. Popular variations of the cufflink include the classic initials of the wearer, which make a great gift. Also popular are miniature sports team logos, cultural icons (like the 5 cent piece) and other small symbols reflecting a man's interests. Cufflinks allow men to express themselves; adding a touch of colour, class or even humour to brighten up an outfit.

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