Muzzy and Rage are two of the most popular brands

by:Krell     2020-07-22

Muzzy broadheads offer a rewarding hunting experience

Many experienced bowhunters swear by Muzzy broadheads thanks to the superior wound penetration they are said to offer. Because the head is fixed in the open position, its entire energy at the moment of impact is directed towards penetrating the hide, rather than being split between penetration and opening the blades. This enables Muzzy's broadheads to cut on impact and produce large, deep wounds that cause a swift and relatively painless death. The number of animals that are hit but manage to escape, or that require the hunter to give chase, is thereby minimized.

Fixed broadheads such as Muzzy are often considered to be somewhat difficult to control in flight, which also makes them more suitable for seasoned hunters than for beginners. It is possible to calibrate the bow to correct the flight of the head, although this of course requires some skill and experience too. A lot of bowhunters see adjusting their bows and getting the fletching just right as all part of the sport, however. Muzzy enthusiasts enjoy exercising their skills to bag their targets, and find the challenges presented by fixed broadheads fun rather than problematic.

One clear advantage of Muzzy's broadheads is their price. A fixed broadhead tends to be considerably cheaper than a mechanical head such as Rage. Since they have no moving parts and are generally more sturdy, fixed heads normally also last longer than their expandable counterparts. Hunters who use Muzzy broadheads frequently report that they can reuse them many times over several seasons as long as they sharpen their blades periodically.

Muzzy offers several different game broadheads with either three or four blades, ranging from 75 to 125 grains. Their super-strong hardened steel Trocar tips are designed to penetrate flesh and bone alike with minimal friction, while their razor-sharp blades create wide entry and exit wounds. The Muzzy 3 Blade 125 Grain Broadhead and the Muzzy 4 Blade 100 Grain Broadhead are two of the company's most popular offerings for deer, elk, hog and turkey hunting. In addition, Muzzy produces the Quick Release Carp-Point Broadhead, which features a long point for deep penetration and a cam lock that holds on to a soft-fleshed fish until the bow fisherman activates the quick release feature.

Rage broadheads: not your ordinary expandables

Rage broadheads are designed to be a cut above ordinary mechanical broadheads. While it's well known that standard expandables lose a lot of power when they hit their targets, Rage products feature the SlipCam Rear Blade Deployment System, which the manufacturer says makes this problem a thing of the past. According to Rage, their innovative broadheads combine the speed and precision of a field tip with the impact and killing power of a three-blade fixed head. In tests against other mechanical brands as well as fixed broadheads, Rage broadheads have been shown to provide superior penetration and cutting diameter, thereby neatly knocking on its head the notion that mechanicals are poor performers.

Another common complaint about mechanical broadheads is that they sometimes fail to open upon impact. In these cases the animal sustains only a mild wound, and often escapes. Rage is so confident of its broadheads' opening reliability that it offers a money-back guarantee. In the rare instances where a Rage broadhead fails, the hunter can simply ask for a full refund. This brand has also been proven to fly through fine mesh without deploying prematurely. Turkey hunters, as well as those who hunt big game at close range from the shelter of a blind, will appreciate how this makes their lives easier.

These features do come at a price, however; like other expandables, Rage broadheads are a good deal more expensive than fixed broadheads. Even so, Rage devotees cite their ease of use, as well as their excellent flight and targeting qualities as reasons why they love the brand. There are a number of different Rage models, all with either two or three blades. Thanks to its more forgiving blade angle that facilitates deeper wound penetration, the 2-blade Rage 40KE is ideal for bowhunters with light draw weights or short draw lengths. This model has a cutting diameter of 1.5', as does the 3-blade broadhead, while the other 2-blade Rages cut a 2' circle. The company also produces practice broadheads in both 2- and 3-blade models.

To sum up, Rage and Muzzy are both high-quality brands that have earned their respective followings among the hunting population. Novice bowhunters might find a Rage broadhead easier to use, while veteran hunters could be more comfortable with a Muzzy. Whichever brand and model you pick, bear in mind that your broadhead can only ever enhance the skills and experience you already have, never make up for any lack of them. As they say, practice makes perfect, so happy hunting!

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