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by:Krell     2020-08-13


A high-quality personalized pen set is a classic graduation gift. These writing implements often come in pairs of two pens or a pen and a mechanical pencil. Materials vary from metals base or precious to wood or stone. The pens usually come in an attractive case, and the case can carry any engraved message that the giver chooses. Graduates may choose to keep the pen set on their desk at work to remind them of their school days, or they may tuck the gift away as a keepsake by which to remember the giver. Whatever the fate of the gift itself, it will make graduation day even more of a special occasion.


Another delightful gift is a personalized photo frame. Whether hanging on a wall, adorning a shelf or taking pride of place on a desk, a graduation photo in a personalized frame is a record of achievement that will always be treasured. Framed photographs, of course, are equally as appropriate as gifts for parents, grandparents, spouses or anyone else who is particularly proud of their graduate. Frames come in many varieties, from precious metals to brightly painted ceramics. They are available in many sizes to suit any purpose, so that a frame can be found to suit any situation.


Beverage containers are another common personalized gift item. Mugs for use at work can hold coffee or tea at the same time they display the owner's pride in graduation. A mug may be simple, with nothing more than a text legend with the graduate's name, school and the date of graduation. It may have a cute graphic, or it may even be a photo mug that proudly displays a photograph of the graduate in cap and gown clutching a newly awarded diploma or degree.

Flags and banners

If a graduation party is in the works, a personalized congratulatory banner or flag might be an appropriate decoration. A flag hung outside of a proud parent's front door can advertise the event to the entire neighborhood. A flag or banner in the school's colors emblazoned with the graduate's name and a record of the graduation will serve both as party decor and as a lasting reminder of the day and of the people who were there to help celebrate it.

Graduation is a personal event, a recognition of the graduate's academic achievement. The very best possible gift for such an occasion is some object that has been personalized. Whether the giver chooses writing tools, mugs, party goods or some other item like jewelry or clothing, the recipient will always remember the event and the person who helped to celebrate it.

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