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by:Krell     2020-08-02

Here are discussing few promotional products that are easily available and will appeal to women as well:

1. Compact mirrors - Women always keep a small mirror in their purse or hand bag. These mirrors are used for various purposes like fixing hair, adjusting makeup. Businesses can add their logo and contact details on the flip top and this becomes a great advertising tool.

2. Cosmetics bags - Today many women are traveling and cosmetic bags can be a real hit as promotional products! With these bags traveling with women to various places they go, your company details will be seen by thousands of people. Women will definitely be grateful for such an useful gift.

3. Travel hair brush - These kinds of promotional products are inexpensive but have a great advertising potential. Aside from being easy to use, such products last for years and help businesses by bringing in new customers.

4. Lip balm - In the cold winters or hot summers, lip balm is constantly used by women to avoid any dryness or cracks in them. You can distribute promotional lip balm at your next trade show or exhibition and see how it is appreciated by women! Such promotional products will cost you minimal amount of money but will provide long term exposure to your business.

5. Manicure set - Such promotional products are useful as they help women to rip nails at any place and time convenient for them. Such manicure sets are portable and can easily advertise your business each time it is taken out of purse or drawer.

6. Spa Kits- These are excellent as pamper promotional products. You have wide choice when buying these kits to promote your business. You can go for some useful combinations for these spa kits:

A. Foot spa kit- This kit has a foot lotion, foot brush, pedicure file and towel. Such kits are available in zip pouch that is made using clear vinyl so that all its contents are easily visible.

B. Relaxation kits- Such kits contain bath chamomile or lavender crystals, eye mask gel, body lotion and tea light candle in a pouch.

C- Pamper kits- Available in clear vinyl pouch, this kit has body talc, soap, body wash, moisturizer and fragrance.

When thinking of promotional products, few can be expensive whereas others are reasonably priced. You should be little innovative and try more than one promotional product to see which one works best for your business. When you are working on budget, you will definitely find something that will fit your needs!

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