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by:Krell     2020-07-14

However you do want to make sure that you are selecting the right pens to use as promotional gifts. A bad pen can send the wrong impression and actually hurt your company's reputation. You want to make sure that the pens you are handing out are actually going to work and are less likely to leak, something that can be quite costly and irritating if your customers need to clean up after ink that has gotten on clothing or other items.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting pens:

What are the pens made of?

Some pens will work better as upscale promotional gifts. These are usually made of metal and will often have a rubberized or softer area where the fingers will rest. These can be quite beautiful and may even become collector's items of a sort. It is not unusual for someone to try a promotional pen and find that they want to hang on to it for as long as possible.

How does the pen feel in someone's hand?

This can be difficult to tell without holding a pen and trying it out. It is good to know that many companies that supply promotional gifts will actually send you samples. You need to find out how it writes, how it feels and whether it is overly heavy or not. You also want to make sure that the ink flows as smoothly as possible and does not clump up.

How easy is it to find refills?

If you are paying a bit more for a good-quality personalized pen it can be worthwhile to make sure that people can get ink refills. These are often quite affordable and can mean that a great pen can be used over and over again. This may seem silly but remember that the longer your pen is used the more visible your company's contact information will be.

By considering these things it will become easy for you to choose promotional pens that suit your needs, your taste and your budget as closely as possible. There are many companies that can offer you a wide selection of pens to choose from that are positioned at many different price points.

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