One of the most common promotional gift items

by:Krell     2020-07-14

However, there are a few things that you need to consider if you are planning on distributing pens as promotional gifts. You need to consider your budget and the quantity that you need in order to determine which of the many pens available will suit your needs.

Large scale giveaways

If you are planning a large scale giveaway you may want to look at less expensive pens. There are many different options available so finding one that you like is not hard. Examples of large scale giveaways can include conventions, home shows or mass mailings. Since you can get a large number of pens for a very low cost you may find that these items are more cost effective than other items that are available.

When cheap pens are not appropriate

There are some occasions when cheap pens are not appropriate. If you are trying to reward client loyalty or are trying to impress an upscale client you may need to look at higher quality writing implements. Many well-known pen makers are able to create personalized writing implements that will suit your needs but they can be costly.

Kinds of pens

There are several different types of pens. Some of the most common ones are stick pens. These are generally made from a straight stick of plastic although metal versions do exist. They have a cap simply because the writing end cannot be extended and retracted.

Click pens or twist pens can extend and retract the end that writes. They can be handy for people who need to travel and carry their pens with them but who do not want to worry about getting ink on them. Both stick and click or twist pens often have engraving or printing on the barrel of the pen where it can be easily seen.

Fountain pens are also available but these are often more expensive and may be given out as part of a set along with a ballpoint pen or a mechanical pencil. They have a nib and an internal ink well although some fountain pens are designed so that they must be dipped into ink. These pens are quite beautiful although they are used much less commonly than ball point pens are.

You want to make sure that the pens you are giving out are well made and that they are comfortable to hold. This is especially important if you are handing out more expensive writing implements. If you pick the right pen for your customers you may be amazed at how popular they become and how many people see them when they are being used.

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