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by:Krell     2020-08-02

These supplies can be taken to individuals who may own physiotherapy clinics, or patients who may need certain equipments in their lifetime for daily use. Most common physio products are normally supplied to organizations or institutions like hospitals, colleges etc.

The equipments that are to be supplied include, complete package massage pillows, Sit and reach box, BOSU balance trainer, Chest press, tape kaufen, Chest depth meter, Ice power cold gel, Functional training centre, FMS test kit, Harpenden Skin fold Caliper Body Assessment Software amongst many others. The equipments are many and for easy access are grouped based on areas of application or the professional assistance needed for their use. The categories based on area of use may include:

For Exercise materials, the equipments commonly used are Shoulder cord, TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Kit, Massage kit, tape kaufen, Foam roller (30cm or 1m sizes), Fit balls ( various sizes), FS Air cushion, High Performance Weight. These are just a small sample of the equipments that are used for exercises under physio products. The nature of injury the muscles experienced largely determines the kind of exercises the muscle should be exposed to for healing purposes. The physio supplies for exercises can be delivered to hospitals largely. A few will be used in the gymnasiums so some deliveries are made to such places as well.

For Electrotherapy sessions, the equipments to be supplied include Intellect mobile ultrasound, Stim, Combo, Laser, Intravaginal probe, Ionto unit set and many more. These equipments require prior operational knowledge. They are generally supplied to institutions with well qualified personnel who understand their mode of operation. The machines are sensitive and the area of operation should meet some basic standards. Individuals may not be in a position to manage such conditions hence leaving the sole users to be institutions.

Such equipments may include Ultrasound Diagnostic machines which help sports instructors and health practitioners to make accurate diagnosis on injured muscles and bones. This machine ensures that the diagnosis done is correctly placed thus reducing time taken for treatment of an injured muscle to begin. Hot and Cold therapy kits are largely used to administer first aid. The physio supplies will always have this kit since it is essentially used both in homes and in institutions as well. Biofeedback kit is also a common equipment supplied to medical institutions.

For practice equipments, the physio supplies will include equipments like Examination tables, chairs, tape kaufen, fitness floors, massage chairs, correction mirrors, climbing racks, sports mirror, and pedicure amongst many others. In addition to the common practice equipments, there are other equipments which are always supplied to various institutions and groups of individuals.

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