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Personalized playing cards allow just about anyone

by:Krell     2020-07-30

If you search around, you will not only find standard shaped playing cards, you will find circular cards, heart shaped cards and who knows what else?

Playing cards can be customized in several different ways, so much so in fact that you are sure to be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Basic customization involves having your photos, logos and other designs printed on the back of each card - this is customization in its basic form - each of the 52 cards plus the 2 jokers has the same image on the reverse side. Cards personalized in this way are suitable for serious card games such as bridge or brag.

Taking personalization to the next level, you will find there are many photo gift webstores where you can put a different photo or design on each of the 54 playing cards. Obviously, making your own playing cards with 54 different photos means they are not well suited for serious card games, but they really offer great benefits when playing fun games with the kids and other family members.

The final option offered on customized playing cards is to have 54 different images printed on both the front and the back of each card - this is a firm favorite of children and your kids will probably get a real kick from playing with them.

As I already mentioned, although card decks with 54 different designs are no good for a serious game of bridge, they make for great fun when playing with the kids. Try testing your memory to see who can remember what picture is on each card? Chances are the kids will be telling you you have the ace of hearts and the 10 of spades in your hand.... and you won't have a clue what they have!

Apart from the obvious fun, customized cards can also assist both children and adults to improve their memories!

If you do decide to create your own playing cards, before you upload your photos and designs to a photo gifts website, it's worth taking the time to check out how the cards are printed. The standard for high quality playing cards is Fuji Xerox Docucolor or the equivalent. By following this tip you will ensure your custom playing cards are finished to the highest quality standard.

There's no mistaking it, customized playing cards really do make terrific gift ideas for just about anybody, men, women and children will all get a kick out of playing with their own personalized cards!

To sum up, if you are like most people, you love 'Do it Yourself' projects and custom photo gifts are probably no exception. You will find making your own custom playing cards is great fun, especially when you design and create them yourself using your own special photo's, logo's and text.

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