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PlayStation 3 has got a nonsense trouble that

by:Krell     2020-07-18

size to do so permanently. This problem is faced my many PS3 lovers and they are

fed up of this issue. There are many PS3 disk not eject fixes available and you

may try one by one all of these to find out which one works well with your PS3

console. The PS3 disk not eject is a common problem and Sony is well aware of

this problem, thus even though if you have run out of your warranty time period,

you may call their service center for any available help. Now, if they don't

entertain your request then you ought to do this your self. Here, I will let you

walk through some easy steps to have your eject tray work.

PS3 disk

not eject fix is available and having such trouble with the console does not

mean that your console has reached to the stage of being thrown to the trash.

PlayStation disk not eject trouble may be get rid of by simply pressing the

eject button for 10 seconds, this will cause a force eject. If this method does

not work, then don't hurry to open the drive your self because this wont work

and you will end up with a damaged disk drive. Opening the disk drive will most

probably damage the mechanical part of it and you will not be able to use it

further. If you think there's some disk that has stuck in the drive, only then

open it by following the direction given in the PlayStation 3 repair guide.

Before doing other things, you must ensure that the disk cable connections are

fine and are not loose. Also, the cables are connected at the right ports. Check

the power to the disk, you can easily check this by seeing a disk tray light, If

its permanently off, chances are that the disk is not getting power and their

may be something wrong with the power cable. If you are a PS3 lover then you

must know how to fix PS3. Before taking it to the Sony repair service, do what

you can do at home to recover and get rid of problem without causing any more

damage to PS3.

Fixing a PlayStation disk not eject is not a difficult task, you just need to

understand that any thing you do of your own choice will cause damage to the

console. You have to follow the PlayStation3 repair guide for whatever you do

with it. If you think that the problem is out of your understanding, only then

takes it to the Sony and this will cost you money and need time.You can

fix PS3

disk not eject and all other problems with the

help of

how to fix ps3 repair guide.

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