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Preparing for your Big Day on a tight budget?

by:Krell     2020-07-16

Here are a few ideas:

>>>Hand-made bookmarks are sure to wow a brainy crowd. Just print them with your names and the date, packaged in glassine envelopes for safekeeping.

>>> Personalized crossword puzzles with your name and wedding date are a low-cost option. Hand them out with pens or pencils printed with your names and the date.

>>> Give your guests the gift of relaxation. It takes seconds to make bath salts from sea salt, kosher salt, or Epsom salts and essential oils. Choose a scent that evokes the time and place of your wedding, and package them. Do some research on the Web to find the best recipe for you.

>>> Are you a Tree Hugger? Seed packets are colorful, useful, good for the planet and make great favors.

>>> Candles make a nice trinket. Votives or full size will be equally well received by guests. Choose a color that goes with the wedding theme.

>>> Give the gift of tea. Guests can sit back and relax after their wedding meal, enjoying a refreshing cup of tea with their desert. Any personalized message placed on the wedding tea favor will surely be an ice breaker and start the conversation rolling.

>>> Another old standby for do-it-yourself wedding favors are miniature jars of bubbles. These little jars can be ordered from wedding-supply companies and personalized with ribbon, lace and flowers to reflect your wedding.

>>> Scented sachets can make good wedding favors. Simply wrap some fragrant potpourri in a pretty fabric and tie with a ribbon of your choice. These sachets can be tied on doorknobs as decorations or placed in closets and drawers to infuse the areas with fragrance. Presentation is everything and presenting your favors with pretty packaging and adornments can add an extra personalized touch to your wedding day.

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