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Promotional pens are the most frequently-purchased

by:Krell     2020-07-16

Your taste in writing instruments speaks volumes about the quality of your business and the service(s) or products you provide. That's one reason that business owners who want to convey a deeper message than merely the one they imprint on their promotional pens choose Bic promotional pens.

Bic is the world's most recognized name brand in writing instruments. Virtually everyone you hand one out to will be familiar with the brand and the quality associated with the name. (In fact, 9 out of 10 people recognize the Bic name.) Here are four other great reasons to choose Bic promotional pens for your next business advertising campaign:

1) Quality ink and writing technology: Easy flow ink and fraud defense ink are just two such technologies available in Bic promotional pens. Nothing is more frustrating when you're trying to write something than to have the ink come out in blobs, or conversely, not to come out at all. Bic's technology ensures that ink comes out smoothly the first time and your writing looks professional and readable.

Fraud defense ink is a unique formula that protects your financial interests. It's water and light (fade) resistant and can't be removed with an ink eraser. All of this helps to prevent loss due to check washing and other types of forgery. Bic promotional pens with fraud defense make excellent promos for banks, investment firms and other financially-related businesses.

2) Eco-friendly products: The company has a number of eco-friendly products, including promotional pens. Made from post-consumer recycled materials, they help to cut down on waste and the use of precious raw materials and natural resources.

3) Something in every price range: From simple stick and click pens to finely polished luxury writers, business owners can find a Bic promotional pen that fits his or her budget.

4) Long-lasting: Bic pens are manufactured with a high standard of quality. Better materials and closer attention to detail make them an ideal choice for business owners who want to ensure that the advertising they print on their promotional pens lasts as long as possible.

Most Bic promotional pens can be imprinted with any kind of message you want. A majority of business owners opt to print their business name and/or logo, an address and/or a phone number. You can also choose to add your Web address or even a personalized greeting.

Bic promotional pens make great giveaways for other organizations and even individuals too. Print them with dates and names and use them as wedding or birthday favors or as unique holiday greetings for church or synagogue members. Your name combined with the Bic name makes a promotional giveaway that is unforgettable.

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