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by:Krell     2020-08-01

If the concerned thoughts that worry you is what all should you have on the platter for the instant nail art that you can get done before logging in for the occasion. These are a few steps that you can put in so that you are ready to go and move to show your hands in light.

Having done with a good manicure

Before leaving for the ceremony that needs your presence as the damsel, have a good quality manicure done and even pedicure if the footwear you chose for the occasion has to have the feet revealed. This will ensure that your nails of the hands and legs are ready for any decoration on them.

Use the clippers to give rough shape

After the cleaning session has your nails the desired shape just tentatively or just likes a rough structure.

Use the buffer to shape them up

The buffers come in sizes according to the size of your nail kit ( in Danihs: Negle kit ) and are availed with rough ends that can be rubbed on your nail edges to make them into the desired and perfect shapes after the clippers which will give only a vague shape.

Choosing the right color

Do not make a fool out of yourself when you select a nail polish ( in Danish: Neglelak ) color, if you are not good at it then please allow your friends or fellows with you to do that as they are a part of people who will be seeing you after you get ready. The color can be perfectly matching or can be a complete contrast but nothing in between. Yeah, it is on you that if you want to be distinct and as eye catching a Lady Gaga then go ahead to be the change, even tat is appreciated these days.

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