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by:Krell     2020-08-05

Gifting a pair of cufflink can be a nice idea. The unusual gift will be part of your boyfriend office attire and party formal wears. It will help to enhance his personality and moreover, it will near your beau heart and remind him about you.

Materials Used to Make Cufflinks

Nowadays, almost all jewelry stores in your local area offer gold, silver, metal, and enamel cufflinks. According to your tastes and budget you can go for the pair.

A cufflink embedded with gemstones can add sparkle to your beau look and is cheaper than diamond. But many people avoid buying them as they are not durable and needs proper care. They are subject to cracking and abrasion. If your boyfriend is careful about his goods, then gifting a gold or silver gemstone cufflink can be a wonderful gift.

Metal cuff links are cheap and fail to add the charm you expect. If your budget is fairly low, it is advised to go for enamel cuff links as they are substitute for silver and gold. Purchasing an enamel cuff link mixed with brass can be a life time gift for your beloved. The combination of these metals makes this outstanding men's accessory stronger and durable than other metal.

It's good to gift a gold or silver color cuff link to your boyfriend as they match well with different shade shirts.


Now comes the type of cuff link would be the best gift. There are varieties, so it may confuse you what to gift or not.

Double face- the type has two identical faces and is able to transform a simple shirt into an expensive one. But to adjust the type of cufflink the button hole should be wider than the normal size hole.

Chain Links- The type bear the same difficulties and elegance as the double face bears.

Snap on- The type has 2 separate pieces which are known as 'he' and 'she'. It's better to avoid the type if your boyfriend wears shirts with thick cuffs as they easily go out.

Push Through- The type is quite popular as it is easy to fasten than chain links and double faces.

Where to Purchase

Now you wonder where to purchase a good pair. It's better to purchase from a reputed Online Jeweller. There are many online jewelry stores where you can easily find your choice Cufflinks at an affordable price. Moreover, you can take guidance from them regarding the pair suits to your boyfriend personality.

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