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The iPad 2 is a very good device if you have it

by:Krell     2020-07-30

Some of them are free of charge as well, so here is my list of recommendations:

1) Valentine's RADIO: The day and night of the Valentine's is not complete without any good music. The 20 best music channels can be streamed with the help of this app for you and on V-day, you know how the channels will be playing good music for everyone. You can just wake your loved ones by turning on sweet music on the iPad through this app and you will be able to surprise them.

2) Picture with Love: This app will turn all the pictures taken on the day for your loved one, turned into professionally taken pictures by the help of all the editing options that you are going to get in this app. You can add images to the one image you would like to edit, with texts and frames as well so the pictures come out more brighter and also more viewable as well.

3) Be Mine Lite: This app will have your cards at the ready that you want to make on Valentine's Day and send to your loved ones. You can make some good cards in this app and send them to your spouse and they will like them as soon as they get them. The cards can be made out of so many readymade designs and also you can create good custom cards as well.

4) California Blooms: This app is for all those who would follow the traditional rose route. You will find the whole catalog of flowers that this app can get you ordered for and then you will be able to send flowers to your loved ones in time. Their shipment would be free so you just have to pay through credit card. You can choose the wrapping and the way the flowers should be delivered as well. So get them delivered to your place and wake your spouse up to go get the bell on the door.

This all is so exciting that even I cannot wait for the big day too. I have so many plans on the day that I would enjoy and share with you all in my next post.

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