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The other day I took on a crazy project of creating

by:Krell     2020-07-22

The hardest part of the project was finding all the materials to begin making my chair. You see when Herman miller makes an Aeron Chair; they have an assembly line that automatically creates all the main parts like the casting for the frame and what not. I had none of these materials so I improvised with what I did have, wood. I live next to a lumbar yard so it isn't hard for me to sneak over the fences during the night hours and snag a few pieces of oaky goodness. After grabbing all the wood that I needed for the frame I decided to rip up some old stuffed animals for the filling for my seat. For the seat itself I used an old t shirt that my ex girlfriend brought me back from Bolivia. For the mesh back I used a mesh casting net that fishermen use to catch minnows and anything else they can use for bait. So I had all my materials and I was ready to start, I went on line and googled the schematics for the chair itself. Then I woke up. Yes it was all a dream and the only true way to get a good ergonomic chair is to buy one from the internet.Find a Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair at my favorite website for ergonomic furniture - Elite Ergonomic Chairs

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