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The raccoon is probably the most immediately recognizable

by:Krell     2020-07-23

By far, the best way to eliminate your problem is to install traps. However, keep in mind that trapping and relocating these animals is illegal in most states in the US unless you have a permit. Anyway, if you choose this method, pick out a live trap that measures at least 12x12x32 and is very well built. Taking into consideration that raccoons eat just about anything, you won't run into any problems when choosing the most suitable bait for the trap. Canned tuna or canned cat food work very well for trapping, but there are some chances that you might end up with the wrong animal, like the neighbor's cat for example. Fruits are a wise choice for a raccoon trap too. When you relocate the raccoon(s), make sure that it is at least 10 miles away, to a raccoon-friendly environment. Be careful when doing this because it will bite.

If you have raccoons in the attic, do not try to trap them. Some say that nine times out of them there are baby coons out there and if you trap and remove their mother, you will most likely cause even more damage and noise, along with an awful odor as the babies will eventually die and decompose.

As they say, better safe than sorry so prevention is the wisest method to go by. In order to do so, secure the garbage and strap the lid down with bungee cords. Do not leave out any pet food if you want to get rid of the coons that are living in your yard. In addition, make sure that you lock all your doggie-doors. Needless to say, make sure that you don't have any holes or openings into the attic. It is recommended to install an exclusion barrier of steel mesh if they are getting under the deck or under the house.

If you have any type of meat or other tempting food in the trashcan, always double plastic bag it before throwing it away in the cans. In addition, it is recommended to put a little bleach or strong cleanser on the bag outside, before depositing it in the can.

You have the possibility to buy trash cans that have lids that lock into place and use a bungee cord to help down the lid. In addition, you can put a heavy object on the lid, like a cinder block. Some use baby powder as they say coons do not like to get powder on their hands.

If you still have problems with these animals, you can always call a professional to do it for you.

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