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by:Krell     2020-08-03

Portable USB flash drives have been known to take many guises, but it is not all that often that these little gadgets take on a more fashionable form. However, these fully functional, USB flash drive designer cufflinks will not only add a stylish, James Bond-like twist to the wearer's look, but it will also allow him to easily carry all those important work documents, spread sheets and media files on him without having to lug around any other gear. Now all he will need to deliver those great, off-the-cuff business presentations anywhere is a working USB port!

Designed by Ravi Ratan, each cufflink measures about 19mm by 15mm and contains a mini flash drive with a generous, two GB of storage, adding up to a total of four GB per pair. Whenever the wearer wants to access and use the USB, he can simply pull out the drive and USB connector without having to first remove the actual cufflink which is basically just the cover for the drive so there will be no need for him to roll up his sleeves.

The USB flash drive cufflinks are available in either a gun-metal or gold finish and comes with whale-back enclosures which can be engraved. With Father's Day coming up later this month, it could be the perfect gift for all the gadget-loving dads out there.

Straight out of the James Bond Tuxedo Lab comes these USB flash drive cuff links. Each link in the pair has 2 GB of storage for those days when your need to access critical documents dovetails with a black tie affair. We imagine they're very useful when you have to give an important presentation at a soiree for foreign dignitaries. Or maybe they're just a handy way to store embarrassing pictures of your buddy to use in your best man toast (or roast).

We have one concern: If you take the flash drive out, do your cuffs fall apart? That would be awkward. The cuff links are finished in either gold or gunmetal and can be yours for $195 per pair. You can have them engraved with up to eight characters for a mere $8. That way, you can mark one of them as 'porn,' thus avoiding any humiliating presentation mishaps.

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