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The type of shirts that men wear today, which

by:Krell     2020-08-04

During the reign of Louis XIV in the early 1700s in France, however, a bit of panache was added, by way of 'sleeve buttons,' which were matched pairs of buttons joined together by a short chain. These early sleeve buttons, usually made from glass, evolved into what we know today as cufflinks. Through history, cufflinks have been made from numerous materials, including precious metals and jewels, and have often been worn as a sophisticated and masculine form of jewelry.

By the late 20th century, cufflinks fell out of favor as simple, buttoned cuffs took over for most work and casual wear, though they were still used for more formal shirts and the shirts worn with tuxedos. But stylish men have always had a few shirts that use cufflinks instead of buttons. Cufflinks are not generally ostentations, but make a quiet style statement of a man who understands simple elegance and wants to add a bit of class to his look.

Though cufflinks come in an endless array of styles, one style that has quietly moved to the forefront is that of coin cufflinks. As their name says, these are cufflinks made from beautiful coins joined by a short chain. They're favored by men who simply like the look as well as men who are into coin collecting.

Coin collectors in general don't have the reputation of being stylish gentlemen, but coin cufflinks could change all that. The designs are generally made from sterling silver and 24 Kt. gold, and are sealed to prevent damage. These accessories are actually wonderful ways for men to add class to their look and even make a personal statement.

As just one example, consider the Irish half penny coin cufflink. These feature a gold harp, which has been a symbol of Ireland for many centuries. With the word 'Eire' etched onto each coin, they are a beautiful and understated style choice for any gentleman of Irish descent who wants to pay homage to his heritage while dressing the part of the man with enduring style.

Cufflinks are made from coins from around the world, from many historical eras, and are a great way for men to quietly stand out from the crowd. Most men like to keep jewelry to a minimum, but cufflinks catch the light subtly and function as jewelry, without the overwhelming 'bling' factor. Coin cufflinks are a terrific way for a man to express his interest in coins or his pride in his heritage. And they make the perfect, meaningful gift for the man in your life with a sense of style. Cufflinks may not be as common in everyday wear as they used to be, but they still resonate as a quiet statement of good taste and propriety.

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