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by:Krell     2020-08-04

Evolution of Cufflinks

This charming little accessory was traditionally used with a French cuff shirt and started out as a symbol of fashion, social esteem and luxury. The first prototypes were simple buttons made of glass and linked together with a small chain. They were so popular that mass production ensued and the accessory became reachable to the fast growing general population and quickly became an expression of self. At one point, cufflinks were even used to display mourning, art or one's love of music. Now, cufflinks are available for every personality type imaginable. You can even find geeky cufflinks!

The Making of an Elegant Accessory

Cufflinks come in a variety of different materials including gold, silver, steel, copper and carbon fiber. Each of these materials has its own advantages that you should take into consideration when selecting your geeky cufflink. Gold is non-reactive and can endure years of air exposure without tarnishing. Silver is an excellent choice as it can be worn with a variety of shirts without clashing. Steel (or gun metal) can withstand repeated hits or knocks against other objects while carbon fiber is known for withstanding high temperatures.

Geeky Cufflinks

There are special cufflinks available for your inner geek! These are a few of the unique links that might pique your interest: USB cufflinks -sure to compliment your laptop, these virus free replicas will be the envy of all of your tech buddies; iPhone cufflinks -these are created with impeccable detail and make the perfect addition especially when using your iPhone; control & escape key -these are a humorous way to honor your love for all things computer and your geeky side; light bulb -these quirky and stylish set are great for an electrician or handyman.

A Personal Touch for Your Attire

Cufflinks are available in a variety of materials, colors, symbols and patterns. It is because of this that they are a favorite accessory of men and are widely used in a variety of settings including corporate events, parties and even as great gifts. Find the geeky cufflinks for you now!

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