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There are backpacking tents out there that are

by:Krell     2020-07-25

These types of tents are used by backpackers and those bicycle touring and weight from two to four pounds and frequently have large mesh sections for easy ventilation. In some styles you can even observe the stars through the mesh on warm summer nights.

One feature is that all of these types of tents are quick setup because after a long day on the trail or cycling you want to set up quickly and easily particularly if it is raining. And on a longer trip you are sure to encounter rain along the journey.

As mentioned bivy tents are small so many styles have a low height just giving you just room to sit up, not stand. So you may need to change your clothes in your sleeping bag or get out of the tent. Some do come with aluminum poles although there is one cycling type which uses the bicycle as one of the poles.

In some models therefore you can place your gear in the tent with you and in others they come with a small vestibule for that purpose. Many also include a handy pocket or two for storing smaller items including your flashlight which may be needed in the middle of the night.

These types of shelters are usually designed for one or two people.

For those looking for even more of any ultralight experience there is the bivy sack. A bivy sack is basically an oversized sleeping bag which you use under the stars or a rain fly. Sometimes the head area has a small raised area.

Another popular bivy shelter option for the ultralight hiking minimalist is the hammock tent. When you arrive at your destination you just hook your hammock up to some convenient trees and relax as most people who use this system find it very comfortable. Some hammock trees come with a bug fly, others with a rain fly or sometimes you must add you own fly in case of bad weather.

A bivy tent or shelter along with a lightweight mummy sleeping bag can provide great accommodation during your hike or bicycle touring trip and you will hardly notice the weight making for a more enjoyable experience.

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