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There are many options for lapel pins today in

by:Krell     2020-08-10

Enamel Pins

A custom design is stamped onto the soft enamel, then colors are filled in one at a time. When the pins are fired the color is set. An epoxy covering can then be applied for added protection. These pins are colorful, and really emphasize graphics and text. Enamel pins are inexpensive, and offer a big bang for the buck. You can choose several colors for one pin, making them beautiful and highly visible.

Die Struck Pins

These pins are a great choice for corporations and other professional organizations. You design your custom lapel pin to be created in either a gold, silver or bronze finish. After the pins are struck onto a sheet of iron or copper they are plated and polished. This gives them an elegant appearance, and a high perceived value. Die struck pins are great choices for employee recognition awards and service recognition awards for civic organizations.

Insert Pins

Using your logo or other image the awards company can create a very unique corporate, sports or political lapel pin. These pins come in a variety of shape choices, such as circles, diamonds, ovals and stars. You can also choose from a large variety of sample inserts, on which your logo or message is printed, in your choice of text color. Or, create your own custom design. The pin itself comes in brass or gold tone finishes.

Cloisonne Pins

These are the cream of the crop of custom lapel pins. They provide sharp, distinct colors, high definition and intricate details. Their highly visible text and design elements are beautiful. A custom die is created and stamped onto a copper or bronze surface. A hard powdered resin, resembling glass, is then used to fill in the design. The pin is then fired at an extremely high temperature (1,600 degrees F), assuring the crispness of the design. After the pin is polished the rim is plated in your choice of finish (silver, gold, etc.).

Other choices available in custom lapel pins are Photo Dome, Photo Etched, Offset Printed, Insert and Ribbon Pins (ie. cancer support and military support). Their are many options available using the samples provided by the awards company, or you can create something totally unique.

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