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There are several informative signs which indicate

by:Krell     2020-07-17

1System Boot Failure: When we make some changes to our system configuration like hardware upgrade, operating system update or driver upgrade we might face issues related to logical crash and thus no boot. It might take place due to damaged computer system files, boot record information, file system corruption etc. We normally boot our systems using hard drives. We can also use Floppy disks, USB Devices where we can easily save files in the drive, SSD (Solid State Disk) and Optical media like DVD, CD etc. If the hard drive has some internal issues then it will be difficult to boot your system. Due to boot failure, you can not access your data and thus may lose valuable data like official documents and more.

2System Noise: Sometimes when your computer is running, you might hear some strange clicking and scrapping noise that could be either at regular or irregular time intervals. In such cases, you are advised to immediately turn off your computer.

These sounds might come because of failed spindle motor, head crash or broken actuator. At this point of time, you should check warranty of the hard drive and if it is out of warranty you need to contact a hardware repair professional to get your hard drive back to the normal state and safeguard the data files as soon as the system boots up normally.

If we are not able to achieve this in time we may face data loss and will need to carry out Hard Disk Recovery in logical crash situations.

3No Disk Access: Sometimes when you try to read data from hard drive or attempt to write to it, you are unable to do it. No read/write operation can be completed if the hard drive cannot get accessed. In such scenarios, the hard drive heats up and the system's or chassis' red LED light (activity) generally remains active. It can be because of problems related to hard drive internals or file system errors. It can cause physical as well as logical corruption and thus data loss.

4Error Messages: You may see a blue screen when your computer is running with certain STOP information regarding the error occurred. One of the major causes of Blue Screens is hard disk failure. It might cause file system corruption and data loss.

When you see any of the above symptoms in your computer, you should avoid using the system without fixing the issue. The first step you should take is to find out the cause of failure. There are two major causes of hard drive failure:

0Logical Damage

1Physical Damage

If the important system files of your computer are missing or corrupt, you will encounter error messages and may face the data loss. To resolve these issues, you need to opt for Data Recovery software to achieve 'Do It Yourself' Hard Drive Recovery.

On the other hand, physical Data Recovery is comparatively more complex as it requires specialized service environment like the one provided by Clean Rooms. It needs special assistance of Hard Drive Recovery experts. In such cases, to get your data recovered, you need to go for Data Recovery service.

In order to achieve absolute, safe and quick Hard Drive Recovery , you should always ensure that you choose a time tested brand in Data Recovery industry such as Stellar Information Systems Limited.

Stellar is the globally leading and worldwide trusted provider of Data Recovery solutions for all types of data loss situations. Stellar's superior Data Recovery software are available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, BSD and Novell Netware operating systems. The sophisticated and personalized Hard Drive Recovery service of Stellar is delivered through State Of The Art Class 100 Clean Rooms by highly skilled Data Recovery experts.

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