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by:Krell     2020-07-19

Usually in all the cases doctors begin with traditional way of medical treatment to treat such cases. After trying hard when conservative therapy does not show any results then doctors suggest surgery. Currently the most popular treatment of surgery for problematic degenerative disc disease is spinal fusion. Spinal fusion is a surgical operation used to correct problems associated with spinal cord and back pain. In this kind of surgery two or three spinal vertebrae are locked so that they together work as single unit. It involves the placement of metals held together with metal screws on the patients back. The goal of this operation is to control the vertebra pain and that of the spinal cord.

Though this kind of treatment alleviates pain but has some disadvantages. The disadvantages of spinal fusion are: Inflammations can result occasionally as a result of the spinal fusion operation. The spinal fusion surgery involves using rods and screws to try to stabilize bones. There is a possibility that some of the hardware used in this operation may cause the patient some irritation. It is also possible to develop some leg weakness through this procedure. The rigid fusion segment may cause the mobile segment some strain when in future there is an additional bone surgery. This, in turn, can lead to degeneration of the affected parts.

The newly adopted artificial disc replacement offers a reversible, viable alternative to fusion that possibly avoids the proven disadvantages of fusion. By inserting an artificial disc instead of performing spinal fusion, there is the possibility of reducing damage to nearby discs and joints. This is because artificial disc replacement allows for motion preservation, near normal distribution of stress along the spine and restoration of pre-degenerative disc height. It substitutes a mechanical device for an intervertebral disk in the spine. The device is meant to restore motion to the spine by replacing the worn, degenerated disk.

Usamedtourism surgeons and spine surgery centre are at ahead of development and evaluation of a safe and effective artificial disc. Although the idea of artificial disc replacement is not new, this technology has just in the recent decade become mature enough to be used clinically. Available in revolutionary material and design, the technique to install an artificial disk is routine and safe. In both traditional disc surgery and artificial disc replacement the procedure begins by removing the gelatinous disc between the vertebrae.

So, if the lower back pain and other symptoms are making it difficult to perform daily routine activities, then artificial disk replacement back surgery will be a viable option to bring about pain relief and restore one's ability to function.

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