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There is no denying that everyone loves embroidered patches

by:Krell     2020-08-06

Pre-made patches can be found in many stores in the mall. When people hear embroidered patches, they are most likely thinking about pre-made patches because of they are the most commonly circulated. Pre-mades usually boast a generic design that appeal to a wide range of buyers; you'll often find smiley faces, rainbows, sports balls, etc. Teenagers love to put these on their jackets and bags to show off their particular style.

Custom embroidered patches are special because you design them yourself. Aside from patch enthusiasts, you will most likely see custom embroidered patches being used by companies to promote their brand names. Patches are an awesome way to create an identity for a company, promote brand awareness, and generate buzz. Another practical use for custom patches that I'm sure you have noticed is nametags. Look no further than your local body shop to find an entire crew of mechanics with their personalized uniforms, complete with custom embroidered patches.

Military personnel probably don't know too much about embroidery itself, but I'd bet they know a thing or two about embroidered patches. After all, their uniforms are positively decorated with them! The military, as well as local police officers use patches in order to indentify name and rank. Police, in particular, have a specific patch they wear on their shoulder that is customized for each town or city they patrol. Some of them are plain, but some are also beautiful and have images that represent the city they police. As a quick example, I was pulled over not to long ago while visiting the beach. Despite my frustration from getting a ticket, I could not help but admire the officer's intricate patch. It had the name of the town, a lighthouse, and even some waves.

All in all, embroidered patches are common in our everyday lives. They are fun to spot and admire; some patches even hold a story! Don't be afraid to ask someone about their embroidered patches, I bet they are dying to tell you about them.

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