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Tired of boring basics when it comes to that bag

by:Krell     2020-07-28

From earthy bohemian tones to festive and fancy designs, Fossil purses are finding their way into every woman's wardrobe. Flirty studded flair and playful patchwork patterns are making Fossil purses an irresistible find and a hot item in our top trends.' The gentle golden and bronze hues that define this signature brand create a warm, funky feel that is a memorable addition to any outfit.

Fossil Purses Fit for Fame

The top trends in fossil purses stand out most significantly in hand and should bags.' Breaking ground in prominent patterns is the 'Talita Patchwork Shopper.' With a magnetic closure, zip, cell phone, and PDA pockets, the beauty of this bag is on the inside as well as the outside.' For ladies who love to mix and match, the eclectic color pallet of this line of fossil purses is a win-win accessory purchase!' For added durability and style, this shopper is trimmed with brown leather and subtle brass studding.' Complete the look with a colorful neck scarf and some bronze dangle earrings.

If you prefer to take your patchwork out on the town, the 'Castille Patchwork Crossbody' is just the tote you need to get you around!' Fossil purses in this line have a more subtle design based in dark browns and black. A classy bronze and gold floral print adds a delicate touch while the long shoulder strap allows for convenient carry and flexible on-the-go use.' Pair this favorite with tan leather boots and a chunky sweater and get going!

Leather Forever

Fossil purses are a fantastic and creative showcase for leather.' Top trends in leather fossil purses include an eye-catching purse shape and a unique dye color pallet.' The 'Talita N/S Tote' is designed into a shape that is certain to draw attention! This hobo-inspired purse has a special handle style that turns it from tote to totally awesome!' Choose for down-to-earth but vibrant colors like camel, eggplant purple and burnt red.

Finish the Fossil Look

Fossil purses are just not complete without their smaller Fossil companions.' Mix and match Fossil purses with uniquely styled wallets, wristlets, and coin purses for a completed collection.' Our favorite little insert for any of your fossil purses is the 'Kristin Zip' Fossil Coin Purse.' The cute design and functional size creates the perfect all-in-one place to keep your keys, ID, cards and cash. Just running to the store? Leave the Fossil purse behind and grab this little guy to carry everything you need in your back pocket!

With such diverse design and distinctive color spectrum, it's no wonder that Fossil purses made our list of favorites for this season!' Women of all styles can find at least a few Fossil purses to match even her most uncoordinated outfits.' If eclectic is in your element, it's in the bag baby!

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