We all know that hard drive partitions are created

by:Krell     2020-07-18

Due to some issues with partitioning scheme, you might end up with failed partitioning of hard disk. And as a result the hard drive partitions become totally inaccessible and you come across partition loss situations. With advancement in technology, many prolific Partition repair software have been developed and are easily available. Partition Repair software helps you to recover data in case of failed partitioning.

Actually the thing is dynamic disks in Microsoft Windows support only few numbers of disk partition types that include OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partition, type 0x42 partitions for dynamic disk and the extended partitions. Also, when MBR itself is damaged, even the basic Windows disk might be reported as a corrupt dynamic disk. This problem generally occurs in Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2000.

Following are some of the main reasons that lead to such disastrous situation:

1.The MBR might contain some invalid partition type due to use of wrong hard drive partitioning tool. In these cases, any attempt to convert your dynamic disk to a basic disk fails. With the help of Diskpart.exe, you can successfully convert the disk, but after you rescan it, hard drive again appears as Dynamic unreadable. Although, this is to be ensured that all of the data is backed up before you actually follow any disk conversion process. The procedure includes steps, which remove data and thus the backup is always required. A failed backup will need Partition Recovery.

2.When the MBR or EBR gets damaged, if hexadecimal 0x42 values available in any of them, the operating system consider it as the dynamic disk even if the disk was not dynamic.


In order to get rid of this problem, you are required to first find out if this is the case of invalid system identification of system. If this one is not the issue, then definitely the problem is due to damaged data structure, which can be handled using Partition Repair software. An efficient and prominent tool can resolve this issue easily and provide the user with all previous data present in the hard drive. It recovers data even if the boot sector, partition table or MBR is damaged.

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