We are finally in the last stretch of the year

by:Krell     2020-08-09

You have been on pins and needles for weeks! You cannot wait to see the final product when you go to pick it up from your jeweler tomorrow. When you go to bed tonight, it will be like tomorrow morning is Christmas. You can already tell you won't be able to sleep very well knowing that tomorrow is the big day. Well, the big day before the big day when you propose, anyway!

You started the custom design process a few weeks ago. At first, you were a little skeptical of the whole procedure. You're a guy, for goodness' sake! You can replace a broken screen door, put in a new car part for the engine, and fix leaky sinks all day long. Design fine jewelry, though - that was never on your list of manly capabilities! You sucked it up, however, and went to see your jeweler. The thought of getting the absolutely perfect engagement ring for your sweet and loving girlfriend made you overcome all of your emasculating fears.

As you soon found out though, the process was much simpler and a whole lot more fun than you had previously imagined. Sure you had to look at and pick out girly things like loose diamonds and precious metals, but you also got to create and build something really special. You even got to see some of the cool tools that they use to cut and polish the diamonds. It was like they had their own fine jewelry workshop in the back of the store.

You felt amazing after the design was finalized. This was going to be the diamond engagement ring of her dreams, and you came up with every aspect. It was perfect for her, and you just knew she was going to be over the moon when you told her how you designed it yourself. Now all you have to do is pick it up and wait for Christmas morning to arrive so you can ask her in front of all your loved ones. Merry Christmas!

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