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by:Krell     2020-07-16

Seemingly small acts like gifting customized coffee mugs or day planners are what enrich lasting business relationships.

Has Universal Appeal:

Custom personalized drinkware is always welcome as a giveaway. That's because nearly everyone uses some kind of drinkware almost daily. Take for example a stay-at-home mom using a mug for her morning coffee or her husband using one to hold pens on an office desk! Their teenager likely carries an energy drink in a sports bottle on an adventure trip. Even on family weekend getaways, custom personalized tumblers come in handy to serve hot milk to children in the back seat of a car. Each of these is something most of us can relate to, because every person who is a producer is also a consumer. The recipients will appreciate your thoughtfulness in gifting items that have practical utility. That's precisely why it pays to use such items as promotional giveaways.

Gives Mileage to your Brand:

While practical utility has its place when deciding which gift to give, what makes drinkware items like personalized tumblers ideal giveaways is their ability to communicate your brand messaging to the users. For example, gifting customized coffee mugs to influencers like managers is a good idea. Why not present a ceramic mug to customer service managers and front office staff who meet clients and potential customers face to face? Mugs have a large display area and cylindrical shape that lets a logo or company name be imprinted on both sides. So the customer service rep and the customer seated opposite them can both make a mental note of the brand.

Cost Effective and Flexible Idea:

Gifting custom personalized drinkware is a very economical way of marketing your brand. Such items cost anywhere from less than a dollar per piece to several dollars each. You can take your pick depending on your gifting goals and your budget. Gifting items like mugs, sports bottles etc. works not just as an individual promotional idea but is also effective when used in conjunction with other methods of promotion. For example, you could offer an imprinted travel mug free if the customer buys your product through your website.

As you make promotional giveaways part of your marketing strategy, you could discover more benefits. Make a note of them, try them and watch your brand image and sales graph climb steadily and surely.

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