What does an air filter do? Have you observe this

by:Krell     2020-07-22

There are many types of air filters available in the market but due to the advantages they offer K&N air filter is engineer's first choice for the engine. The name K&N's filter is taken from the first letters of the founders and manufacturers name and they are based on the named Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald. There are also other filters available in market for the same functionality provided application area may vary. The filters are panel filter, turbo filter and fuel filter.

Air filters are obviously good for the engines of the vehicle. However, many racers prefer that they will compromise with the filtration but only speed is important for them. K&N air filter has provided the resolution on this. K&N air filters reduce the air flow control at the same increasing the horsepower and throttle (Units of engine's combustion speed) of the engine. K&N air filters provide effective filtration of the particles wear by engine. Regular tests are conducted to ensure that K&N air filters are providing high percentage (97%) dirt protection.

The materials used in K&N air filters is disposable and environment friendly. It is less expensive then other filters which is an added advantage of K&N air filters. K&N air filters is designed on scientific principle which allows more air getting into the engine, more air provide more oxygen which ultimately results into more engine power.

Construction of this K&N air filter is responsible for its remarkable efficiency. Multiple layer of oil cotton fabric is used to protect dirt particles coming with the air stream. Now, the other types of filters are explained here in brief :

1) Fuel Filter : Most of you might have seen fuel lines near the fuel tank of your car. Fuel filter is used in the engine compartment of the car and it's primary function is to stop the big particles of fuel to go inside the engine of the car. Absence of this fuel filter can cause a big damage to the engine of the vehicle.

2) Turbo Filter : Turbo filters provide the maximum air flow while maintaining a good level of filtration. These filters are having a air channel inside which allows air stream to reach to the combustion system directly. It is made up of aluminum mesh. Dust particle removed by the filter stick around the outer portion of this aluminum mesh which allows them to remain cleaner for maximum flow.

3) Panel Filter : Panel filters are having different area of application compared to those mentioned above. They are used to remove large impurities in air. Impurities can be anything like pebbles, leaves etc. Panel filters are widely used with bag filters which removes fine particles of dust. The combination of these two filters are used inside room cleaners.

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