When people think about custom lapel pins, they

by:Krell     2020-08-06

While there is no doubt that custom lapel pins liven up a business suit, I would consider that to be their least valuable use. When used correctly, lapel pins can be the backbone for a marketing campaign, or even a fundraiser. In regards to marketing, business owners spend millions of dollars attempting to increase brand awareness, as well as establish a personality for their brand. They pump money into lackluster commercial advertisements with the hope that they will be able to reach consumers in an appealing way. Unfortunately, with TiVo, DVR, and flat-out consumer disinterest, traditional TV commercials get either get skipped over, or lost in the crowd. On the other hand, there are some smart business owners out there who aren't afraid to break the mold in order to reach out to consumers in a more personal, creative way. Custom lapel pins have been successfully used to market companies for years, yet somehow is it still one of the best-kept secrets in promoting. Using lapel pins gives your company an edge by providing consumers with a tangible good that is unique in the sense that no one else is doing it. All companies are looking to stand out from the rest of the competition. What better way to do it than with custom lapel pins? They are a fraction of the cost of television ads, while providing memorable brand identity.

Another way to use custom lapel pins is with fundraising. In short, lapel pins are an easy way to raise money. It hard to just ask for money without giving anything in return, regardless of the cause. People get satisfaction out of getting a little something in return. Custom lapel pins allow donators to show off their contribution by donning a lapel pin that represents their caring generosity. Look at Livestrong bracelets, for example. People practically threw money at anyone willing to donate it, not only because the cause was so great, but also because the bracelets represented a symbol for something people believed in. Custom lapel pins work the same way. Use them to fuel a fundraiser, and the affordable cost makes it totally worthwhile.

Norco Incorporated, a company that specializes in custom dog tags, custom badges, and embroidered patches, understands the value that lapel pins offer. They offer a service that allows you to be the artist. You can provide any photo, logo, or slogan for Norco to transform into the perfect vessel for promotions and fundraising. It is amazing to know that something so simple and discreet can be used for such big things!

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