When the computer system starts, it looks for

by:Krell     2020-07-20

Consider a scenario, when you start the system and get the following error message:

'No boot device'

With some of the systems, you may also get options to reboot the system or enter setup. The boot process gets halted as the system doesn't find any operating system to load.


The above error message may be encountered because of the following reasons:

A removable drive is inserted/attached to the system, which doesn't contain boot files

Hard disk is not properly connected to the system

Hard disk is not correctly configured in BIOS (Basic Input Output System)

Boot partition is not the active partition

Hard disk is physically damaged


Based on possible causes, you need to try these steps to recover the lost data:

Verify if no removable disk is inserted or attached to the system. If it is, you should remove it (viz.a floppy disk).

Check that all hard disk cables are physically fine and properly attached.

If you have recently altered the BIOS configuration, check that hard disk is configured properly.

If you still face the same issue, power down the system and replace the hard drive. Use your recent data backup to restore lost data. However, if backup is unavailable or damaged, you should consult and send the failed hard drive to data recovery service professionals for diagnosis and recovery.

About Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery service is the expert component level assistance, provided to extract lost data from physically crashed hard drives. Experts incorporate special techniques for drive internals under classified lab environment of Clean Rooms. Based on narrowing down to the cause of failure, Hard Disk Recovery experts follow various hardware and software level steps. The hardware level steps can be replacing or repairing damaged disk internals like read/write head, spindle motor, shaft, displacing hard disk platters etc. The software level steps can be making disk images and more. Data saved on platters is prone to damage due to factors like dust particles, that is why sterile Clean Rooms surroundings are used to open and analyze the failed hard drive.

Stellar Information Systems Limited is the leading provider of Data Recovery Services. Stellar facilitates safe recovery through Class-100 Clean Rooms. It provides disk recovery services for almost all makes and models of hard drives as SCSI, SATA, EIDE and IDE.

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