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by:Krell     2020-08-06

Pearl's natural color is soft and smooth, looked like women's skin. Even though it is lacked of the smell of lives, it is releasing more noble and elegant feelings. No matter it is the costume with classical temperament, or it is the fashionable dress following the trend, the pearl necklace is always able to match to be harmonious, releasing the unique charm.

There are many kinds of pearl necklaces, luxury, elegance, classical designs. All of them are trying to completely show the unique charm of the pearl. It is no doubt that the wearing skills are necessary. There are various ways to wear the pearl necklace. Here is introducing several ways as reference:

Wearing the classical style like the good fit circle on the neck, should choose the 90 cm short one, which is just around the neck, matching the tie-in dress. Thus, the beautiful curve figure of the neck will be entirely showed out, revealing the noble and elegant temperament. The other way is to match the T-shirt without two or three buttons up to the neck, showing the pearl, revealing the noble and graceful temperament right away.

If choosing to wear a long string of pearl necklace, making a tie at the center of the long chain, can be a very good visual effect. Or wearing a few strings with different length and different color of pearl necklace, improve the feeling of layers.

If wearing the single chain pearl necklace with the beautiful exquisite cufflinks, placing the cufflink on one side of the front casually, will show the classical fashion temperament. Or matching with a pair of exquisite pearl earrings enhances the entire brightness of the whole dress-up. The perfect match with the pearl necklace is the elegant and slight dress, or the soft and simple sweaters with the round neck. The smooth and luster of the pearl reveals the unique graceful charm, showing the elegant glamour.

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