When you give someone a personalized gift it always

by:Krell     2020-08-11

To get the most out of a personalized gift it should be customized with meaningful pictures along with a sincere message - for example, a great gift idea for a graduate would be a custom porcelain plate featuring a photo of them receiving their diploma, personalized with their name and the date of their graduation.

If you have the ability and like to make your own designs, a custom photo gift is definitely one of the best ways to show off your artistic talents - but more importantly, a gift personalized with your own original design really emphasizes the amount of effort you have put in and is sure to really please the recipient far more than any other gift can.

If you need a special gift idea for parents, you can really excel by creating a gift customized with images of their children's art work - if you think this sounds like its difficult, you need to think again!

Here's a simple example to give you an idea...

You will find the most difficult part is getting your hands on the child's artwork. Having said that, I'm assuming your gift recipients are close friends or relatives - that being the case you will no doubt have access to their home. Within their home you will find all sorts of children's artwork around, it may be as easy as borrowing a drawing from the fridge door, or even asking the child to see some of their work and sneakily borrowing a piece! If you think the child can keep a secret, you may even consider simply telling them what you are doing and just ask them to create something for you.

Whatever way you choose to acquire the artwork, the next step is the same. All you need to do is scan the drawing into your computer and that will create a JPEG image for you.

From there on the process is just like creating any other personalized gift - simply upload your image to a photo gifts website and place it on your product of choice - maybe his and hers mugs - the doting parents will adore them and show immense gratitude for the thought and effort you have put in with a really special thank you!

While it's easy to understand why personalized gifts easily outstrip traditional gifts from a thought point of view, it's still most important that you choose the right product to personalize with your photos and designs, or you will find the impact is completely lost. For example, let's say you customize a belt buckle with a stunning design that has great meaning to the recipient; if the recipient never wears a belt the gift will be useless to them and all your thoughts and efforts will be lost in a heartbeat!

The bottom line

Although personalized gifts can make really stunning presents, before you start customizing, you need to think long and hard about what types of gifts may be suitable for the recipient; in other words you should follow the same thought process you would use if you were looking for a traditional gift - think of a product you think they will find useful, or something you think they will take pleasure from displaying in their home or office.

Make sure you get the product right first, then add your own unique and carefully thought out photos or designs, along with a meaningful message, and you will have the perfect gift for just about any occasion.

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