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by:Krell     2020-08-10

Dream It

Most basic jewelry is simple enough to make that even your average teen can handle the project. Tools are self explanatory, the process only as complicated as the piece being created, and the supplies quite reasonably priced. There are many classes and seminars being offered in craft stores, online, and in jewelry making boutiques, so if the idea of making your own jewelry appeals to you, give it a try.

Start your design process by sketching something you would like to make. If drawing isn't your gift, take a look in magazines and online and find a few ideas. Remember, the goal isn't to duplicate something that someone else made; it is to inspire your creation. A rough sketch should be enough to start with - you can firm up the details as you go.

Prep It

Your next step is to find the supplies you need. Always get more than you think you will need. Some beads are poorly drilled, you might need more wire than planned, or find you want to add something to the original concept. A 10% fudge factor is a good rule of thumb but err on the side of caution if you have any qualms.

Supplies are easy to find online. There are many web based stores which offer everything from unique, one-of-a-kind beads, to spools of wire, cord, and clasps. You will also find complete collections of tools. Shop around not just for the best prices, but also the highest quality. Asking around in jewelry making forums will help you avoid unreliable and dishonest dealers.

Make It

If you want to make something and are not familiar with the specific technique you need, check the Internet. You will find videos of just about everything you could possibly need online. Use a tray to set up the basic outline of your creation. Figure out your scale, balance, symmetry and so on before you start stringing beads or cutting wires. Once you have everything the way you want it, it is time to start the construction.

To dangle beads off of the main piece, you will want to use head pins or additional strands of wire. Adding some movement increases the depth of the piece. You can use polymer clay to create some of your own beads. When you are ready to string the pieces together, keeping some tape at one end of the wire or cord to keep things in place until you are sure everything looks just right strung together.

Until you crimp the final closure, things are still moveable and flexible. Hopefully, you will have a special clasp which will accentuate your creation perfectly. There are dozens of clasps you can choose from and this is part of the fun.

Not Always Professionals

Custom jewelry design doesn't have to be relegated to the realm of professional jewelers. Many people engage in jewelry making as a hobby, as a side business, and just for fun. There is something visceral and satisfying about making something with your own hands and then displaying it to others.

Take your vision and turn it in to a reality. Get online, find the supplies you require, and enjoy making some of your own jewelry. Who knows how far it will take you?

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