When you want to give someone a truly unique gift

by:Krell     2020-08-11

Any of the above selections can be purchased or even made at home by an amateur jewelry maker. Here is how you start.

Start Simple

When it comes to making personalized items on your own, wire or blanks are your best tools. With wire you can shape any name you like, whereas with blanks you have a premade shape and need only stamp in the message you like. Which is easiest? It is probably simplest to make something from a stamp and blank, however, letter stamps can run up to $100, which is a lot to invest in something if you only use it once.

Wire is harder to master, especially if your penmanship was never ideal. The advantage is that if you start by working with aluminum wire, which is particularly malleable and easy to shape, it is also fairly inexpensive. To complete this kind of name, all you need is the wire, some beads, and the right tools. You can either attach the name to a chain for a necklace or use a backing to create a pin.

Expand Beyond Basics

The same skills you use to stamp a name on a blank or to twist wire can easily be transferred to more complex projects. For example, rather than just making a name out of wire and decorating it with some beads, think about making the name part of something larger. What about incorporating a name in the shape of a home or twisting two names together to celebrate an anniversary? Perhaps you can make a birthday cake with the age of the recipient entwined in the pattern?

Looking Online

If making things on your own isn't your cup of tea, you always have the option of finding charms and customizers online. Whether you want to commemorate the family by engraving names upon a plaque, having a name plate made and dangling a charm for each family member below, or something different, there is a jeweler who can help you get exactly what you want.

First figure out what you want. Who do you want to honor? The personalized item which is appropriate for a fan of the rap scene is not going to suit your grandmother, and visa versa. Which article of jewelry do you want?

Charm bracelets are a form of personalized jewelry; they are just not what people think of when you say the term. They do offer more variety, though, as you can still get a name engraved or added while including charms which celebrate specific things.

Remember that personalized jewelry is supposed to make a statement and celebrate the individual to whom it is presented. With all the choices you can find these days, you are sure to find something ideal.

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