Why not indulge all sides of your personality

by:Krell     2020-07-28

Feeling Feminine and Floaty?

When you've got your floatiest sundress on and feel like you could literally walk on air, only a sweet, feminine butterfly design will do.

If you're feeling pretty, dainty and delicate, you can choose from the Butterfly 1 or Butterflies 2 designs at Vendula - both distinct. The Butterfly 1 features two embroidered butterflies and four multi-coloured embroidered and appliqued flowers. Available in black, olive, burgundy and purple, this style comes in some great autumnal colours.

When feeling super summery, however, the Butterflies 2 is the perfect range, with plenty of purses to choose from, from coin and card purses, to wallets in a variety of sizes. Whatever your ideal style of purse, you'll find it in this super girly monochrome design with pretty pink applique and embroidered butterflies.

Feeling Fruity?

If you're feeling fruity, take a bite out of the apple range at Vendula. Choose from black, blue, moss or grey in a coin purse or a wallet, each featuring a shiny, bright red apple. Fresh, fun and definitely fruity, this design is kooky and cute.

Feeling Romantic?

What could be more romantic than a pair of sweet, white lovebirds? If you're feeling all loved up, wear your heart on your sleeve - or at least, on your purse - with a piece from the gorgeous Love Birds range at Vendula. Available in different sizes of wallet, plus a coin purse and a card case, this adorable range comes in a choice of classic black or pretty blue. Each features delicate pink blossom, complete with applique and embroidered flowers, and two love birds.

Feeling Playful?

When you're in a playful mood, why not go for one of Vendula's quirky and cute designs? The Bunnies applique coin purse is super adorable with its pair of pretty pink bunnies, either side of a white picket fence. What's particularly playful about this design is that, on the back of the purse, the back of the second bunny can be seen, complete with cottontail.

Choose from bright lime green, cute lilac or classic camel, and show off your soft side with a sweet Bunnies purse.

Alternatively it doesn't get more playful than Vendula's Playful Cats range. Purrrrfect for cat lovers, this wallet features three playful cats, hence the name, including one rather chic looking cat in a sweater and French beret - oooh la la!

Mixing and matching your purses to suit your moods can be far more affordable than doing the same with handbags, and is a great way of having fun with fashion.

Choose several of Vendula's affordable, stylish and unusual purses or wallets and you'll be well-equipped with the perfect accessory to suit your playful, romantic, fruity and feminine sides - and more!

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