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by:Krell     2020-07-21

Deer are beautiful animals and everyone loves them. Still, you don't want them to eat up your crops, because you have put in so much efforts and money. As the deer population is on the rise in rural and urban areas, we are experiencing more clashes between them and humans. As per the reports, deer are one of the major causes of accidents in urban area. The loss to farmers caused by deer is estimated more than one million dollar each year. Although hunters cope up with the deer explosion, there are still thousands of them running through our crops. They are going to eat or trample whatever they find unless you do something to deter them from your gardens, orchard, nurseries, landscape, vinyard etc.

Though there are many deer repellents available on the market, but putting up a fence is a better idea. There are different types of fences available now in various shapes, sizes, materials and price. However, choosing at least '8' high fencing is the best option. Eight footers have enough size to deter a deer from entering your agricultural investments. Fences made with high tensile wire are the perfect choice for people, because they are easy to install and maintain. They require less or no maintenance at all. Wire fencing often lasts for about 15 to maximum 30 years. Thus, these types of deer control solutions are true value for money. This is perhaps the reason why most of the individuals are using them.

It is true that deer don't like bad odors. Using some kerosene-soaked rags from your fence or even a small mesh bag of human hair will prove a good deterrent against this harmful animal. You can also dump your cat's litter box around the edges of the vinyard. If you are planning to install a deer fence or using some other deterrents, take the help of an experienced wildlife agency. You can also visit internet and find out reliable fencing experts who will install a durable deer fence at your place. There are plenty of fencing experts, but you have to choose the ones who can build and install fences within your budget.

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